Randomness #11 : Moments of Happiness

Last Friday :

It was 5pm. We were eager to have an outdoor session, but up above it's cloudy. Might rain anytime soon. But we gambled and drove off into a Palm Estate nearby. Honestly, I'm not good with CLS (yet), so I depend mostly on my fast tele lens; The "OMG heavy bazooka" 80-200mm.

It rained towards the end, as you could even see some rain drops in the photo. But if not because of a wild boar sudden "appearance" just a few hundred meters away from us , we might continue taking photos until it gets dark! Hehe

(c) faizal omar

remark :
anyone who wish to hire me for photography service (birthdays, engagements, weddings); I'm open for bookings. for inquiry please email at mohamad.faizal.omar[a]gmail.com or text me. thanks!




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