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Diri Sendiri

Welcome to 1LDKphotography blog. My objective is to share my passion with photography, making new friends, exchanging photography tips & also as a portfolio for 1LDKphotography. Please leave your comments and feedback, it’s nice if you could share your different views and hopefully I could learn a lot from you.

What's with 1LDK? It's actually an acronym which is used widely in Japan when describing apartment types. It doesn't have anything to do with photography ;) Just something unique & different from other.

To those looking for a photographer, well I'm also doing part-time photography and is available for hire. I do weddings, outdoors, birthdays at an affordable rate. Do contact me at mohamad.faizal.omar[a]gmail.com for details.

Please DO NOT use my image without permission. All photos belong to Faizal Omar.

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All photos belong to Faizal Omar unless stated.
Please DO NOT use my photos without permission.

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