Wedding : Yuraimy & Emmi

(c) faizal omar

(c) faizal omar

This was my first ever wedding photography and I'm covering for my best friend. It was a few months after having my first DSLR camera.
Looking back at the photos, makes me realizes how naive I was with the camera & photography. I just shoot, without even looking at the surroundings, lightings & others. I had no idea what apperture, shutter speed, ISO was back then. Simply clicking the shutter as the event goes.

Equipped with kit-lens & speedlight, I just shoot & tried to get the "compulsory" photos (as what the wedding photographers call). Luckily the couple liked my photos.

Don't worry, I didn't charge a cent. It was more like a learning opportunity for me. (hehe)

*Photo re-edited




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