Randomness #7 : Featured!

Yesterday while I was browsing through my Flickr account, I found out something was a bit unusual in the stats. The graph went rocket high compare to yesterday's and eventually I found out that a huge amount of traffic is coming from a particular website, SmashingApps.

I just can't believe my eye when I saw my photo is among the 45 examples of slow shutter photos that got featured in the website. I know this is might be nothing to some, but to me personally, after all these years of clicking the shutter as a hobby, it's my second time seeing my very own photo being featured in a website. (of course in a formal way, not the copy paste kind of thing).

Most of you might achieve way better than this; eg. Reuters, Nat Geo etc. But this is a huge morale boost for me to continue learning, and improving my photography.

Check this website!

(c) faizal omar

(c) faizal omar

The photo that got feature was taken on 2006, which is a photo of Naena Fall in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

remark :
anyone who wish to hire me for photography service (birthdays, engagements, weddings); I'm open for bookings. for inquiry please email at mohamad.faizal.omar[a]gmail.com or text me. thanks!




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