Flickr Special

I'm a flickr user since Sept 2005. The first photo that I uploaded to Flickr was my table fan shot sometime around summer 2005. I'm not an avid flickr user; I upload photos about once a week, basicly depends on my mood (heh).

Last night I read about the power of Flickr in promoting our photos. In other words, Flickr as a portfolio of our photography works. There are many amazing photographers who used Flickr to showcase their work. Looking at other photostreams, I guess I'd better shoot more, and share with flickr community. Discuss and learn photography skill from others.

By the way, while I was browsing through my stats at Flickr, I'm suprised to find out these few photos which made #1 in the Interestingness, Most Favourite, Most Viewed, and Most Comments photos in my photostream. I'm quite suprise that most of my Car photos made into top ten in the most viewed section. I notice there are backlinks to some automotive forums, which explains the huge number of views.

Here are some of my popular photos

1. #1 By Interestingness - 苗名滝 妙高高原 - Naena Falls at Myoko
2. #1 By Most Views - Savvy DJ! - from Savvy Fun Ride
3. #1 By Most Favourited - Love Bird #2 - Yellow
4. #1 By Most Commented - Hear Me Rrrroar!

(c) faizal omar

(c) faizal omar

(c) faizal omar

(c) faizal omar

A special entry on My Flickr album to celebrate 105k photostream views (smile)





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