9 Years Ago, She taught me Japanese!

1LDKphotography (c) faizal omar

Exactly what the title says. Last night, I went to KLIA to send off my favourite sensei, Toda (the one holding the big bag). Toda sensei was my first Japanese language teacher at AAJ, UM during the preparation period. Honestly I didn't know about her leaving Malaysia until last week when Mai announced at Facebook (this is what FB is good at). So I called Toda Sensei and told her I'll be at the airport and would like to meet her for the last time. A few other sensei(s) from AAJ (sorry didn't get their names), and what a coincidence, Hoshino sensei was my wife's Japanese language teacher too! (she now teaches at AAJ)

1LDKphotography (c) faizal omar

1LDKphotography (c) faizal omar

The reason I wanted to see Toda sensei so much is because of this pic below. I wanted to give her this picture as a momento. She came all the way from KL, to Teluk Intan to attend my wedding. And she drove alone! That is totally a "Kandou suru" moment for us! And she came wearing a matching red kebaya!

To Toda sensei, (if you're reading this, since Mai told you about my blog hehe)

1LDKphotography (c) faizal omar

The first group photo credit to the KLIA bangladeshi guy.

The last photo credit to SamRais - my OP during the wedding

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